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2019 LEAF Grants

December 19, 2019

It’s been a great year for LEAF with over $215,000 in grants to District 742 academic, activities, arts and athletic programs given by LEAF – as of the end of November!   Here are a few highlights:

LEAF’s efforts in 2019  has produced many gifts, both large and small from individuals, businesses and organizations.  A few of these include:

  • $21,000 for the PAKRAT Program from the Richard M. Schluze Foundation (Best Buy), along with other smaller gifts from individuals and organizations;
  • $23,350 for the new PAKCAT Program from the Morgan Family Foundation;   
  • $10,095 anonymous gift in support of the Learning Renaissance as a match for our Fund-a-Need;
  • $34,750 in donations, including $5,000 from Proviant Group,  to adopt 136 classrooms in our annual Adopt-a-Classroom Project;
  • $8,300+ to date through a fundraiser from Wild Country 99 Radio in support of the LEAF Homeless Fund;
  • $5,700 to support a new effort to help students pay for school lunch costs;
  • $20,000+ in flow-through gifts to support the Talahi Bank-shot Basketball Project, the South Robotics Program and new helmets for Tech High School Football;
  • $5,000 from Liberty Bank in support of the 2020 LEAF Night of the Stars;
  • $10,000 gift we received today from Stearns Bank to support programs for needy students through LEAF’s Homeless Fund and Student Activities Participation Fund;
  • Many other donations large and small, like an anonymous $200 donation by a LEAF board member to pay for glasses for a needy student whose need did not qualify for a grant through our regular granting process – and many others!

LEAF is able to serve as the conduit for private dollars in support of public education including academics, activities, arts and athletics for ALL students in District 742.