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LEAF Awards Grants for 1st Quarter, 2024

April 1, 2024

St. Cloud, MN – The District 742 Local Education & Activities Foundation board of directors announces the awarding of the following grants during the 1st quarter (Jan-March) 2024.  This brings total LEAF grants since 1997 to $3,022,045.00.  LEAF provides grants to support all academic, activities, arts, and athletic programs as well as student support services in District 742.

Spring 2024 Grants – Through March 31, 2024

Unrestricted Cycle I Activities Endowed Fund Grants

School                                     Program/Purpose                                             Grant Amount

Apollo HS                               Activities Fair – All Programs                         $1,500

Apollo HS                               Football Equipment                                        $2,000

Apollo HS                               Swim & Dive Backstroke Flag Poles             $2,000

Apollo HS                               Track Record Board                                       $1,000

Apollo HS                               Weight Room Equipment                               $1,000

Crush-Tech/Apollo                  Girl’s Hockey Video/Livestream                       $900

Crush-Tech/Apollo                  Softball J-Bands                                             $1,200

District-wide                           First Aid/CPR Training for Coaches              $2,000

North Jr. High                         Volleyball Standards                                      $2,000

Tech HS                                  Boys Volleyball Equipment                           $2,000

Tech HS                                  Boys Soccer Equipment                                 $2,100

Tech HS                                  Girls Soccer Equipment                                  $2,100

Tech HS                                  Teen Empowerment Group                            $2,000

Tech HS                                  Trap Team Supplies                                        $2,000

Tech/Apollo                            HOSA Leadership Conference                       $2,000

Tech/South                              Mississippi Strings Camp                                  $700


Restricted Cycle I Activities Endowed Fund Grants

Apollo Activities                     Supplies & Equipment                                    $2,203

Tech Athletics                         Supplies & Equipment                                    $6,121

Tech Football                          Supplies & Equipment                                    $1,837

District-wide                           Activities Participation Fund                             $625


Unrestricted Cycle I Academic Endowed Fund Grants

None – Fall Cycle Only


Restricted Cycle I Academic Endowed Fund Grants

School                                     Organization/Program                                     Grant Amount

District-wide Immersion         Chinese/Spanish Program                               $8,375

Tech HS                                  Schmitz Scholarship                                       $5,000

Tech HS                                  Bodvarsson Scholarship                                  $1,289

Tech/Apollo                            Schnettler Scholarship                                    $2,000

Tech                                        Matter Scholarship                                          $1,275


Contingency Grants

Tech High School                   New Scorer’s Table                                        $10,000

Tech Speech to Harvard         Contingency Grant                                              $500

Tech AP Government             Trip to MN Supreme Court                                 $500


Homeless Fund

Homeless Fund Grants           District-wide                                                   $4,944                        


PAKRAT                                                                                                        $1,947

PAKCAT                                                                                                        $10,217


LEAF Photo Contest

LEAF Photo Contest Grant    Tech Boys Soccer                                               $500


Athletic Program Ad Grants

Crush Baseball                        Program Ad Grant                                              $150           

Tech Lacrosse                         Program Ad Grant                                              $125

Crush Girls Lacrosse               Program Ad Grant                                              $155


Apollo Golf Scramble

Remaining Proceeds               2023 Apollo Golf Scramble                            $3,527


Misc. Flow-Through

McKinley/ALC Gift                                                                                           $250

Future Teacher Grants                                                                                                $2,250


Activities Participation Grants

Tech Speech to Harvard         Activities Participation Fund                            $1,500

Athletic Participation              Physicals                                                              $555