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Board Handbook

The LEAF Board Handbook

Handbook chapters are listed below and are available in Adobe PDF files. Adobe Reader for free, click here to download.

Table of Contents

A. Strategic Plan
A1. Mission Statement

B. Annotated LEAF History

C. By-Laws

D. LEAF Board of Directors
D1. Expectations of Board Members
D2. Expectations of Officers
D3. Current Board Members
D4. Past Board Members
D5. Treasurer’s Job Description

E. LEAF Committees
E1. Standing & Event Committees Description
E2. Standing Committees – Membership
E3. Nominations Committee Responsibilities
E4. Event Committees – Membership

F. Financial Policies & Practices
F1. Suspected Misconduct & Dishonesty
F2. Record Retention & Document Destruction
F3. Travel Expense Reimbursement
F4. Conflict of Interest Policy
F4a. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
F5. Joint Venture & Similar Arrangements
F6. Compensation Policy
F7. Policy Sign-off Form
F8. Legacy Fund Policy
F9. Contingency Grant Policy
F10. LEAF Granting & Flow-Through Policy
F11. Endowed Funds Deposit & Cash Flow

G. Budget
G1. Budget FY9-10 Final
G2. Budget FY2018

H. LEAF Grants
H1. Grant Allocation Worksheet
H2. Allocations Committee Member Instructions
H3. Academic Grant Instructions
H4. Application for Academic Grant
H5. Academic Grant Scoring Form
H6. Activities Grant Instructions
H7. Application for Activities Grant
H8. Activities Grant Scoring Form
H9. Grantee Final Report Form
H10. Ticket Rebate Grant Returns 1996-2013

I.LEAF Fundraising and Events
I1. Night of the Stars
I2. Appreciation/Awards Reception
I3. Adopt a Classroom
I4. A Learning Renaissance – Academic Fund
I5. Kickoff-Welcome Back Luncheon
I6. Annual Campaign

J. Annual Reports

K. Executive Director Job Description

L. Master Calendar

M. Form 990 

N. Continually Improving Nonprofit Board Performance


Leaf 742