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Supporting LEAF

LEAF has established a proven track record over the years as an effective vehicle through which the public can channel contributions and support to the schools in District 742. With the budget challenges currently facing public education, the need for community support has never been greater. At this critical time, we urge you all to join your neighbors, friends and associates in support of our kids and help ensure the maintenance of a world-class education for students in District 742.

There are many ways you can support LEAF. You can make a donation to the General LEAF Activities or Academic Fund, or support LEAF through one of the opportunities listed below. You can also set up a Legacy Fund in your own name that will provide annual support for the program of your choice.


The strength and promise of LEAF comes from the volunteers who support its mission through contributions of all kinds.


Your donation to the LEAF endowment fund will help support academic achievement and activities in District 742 schools.

Supporters And Sponsors

Hats off to the nearly 200 local businesses/organizations that have shown their support for public education in District 742 in recent years.

Automatic Payroll Deduction

District 742 employees can contribute through an automatic payroll deduction to LEAF.


Sponsor LEAF events while illustrating that your business or organization supports educational opportunities in our community.

Other Ways To Support LEAF

Join your neighbors, friends and associates to support students and help ensure a world-class education in District 742.