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What We Do

The LEAF endowment fund provides supplemental funding for academics, activities, arts and athletics. In additional, LEAF provides many ways to support student activities and academic programming.

’67-’17 Scholarship

The scholarship is given yearly to a Tech student who has demonstrated academic or extracurricular excellence and plans to attend any form of post-secondary education.

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Activity Participation

This fund helps underprivileged students with expenses so that they can participate in extracurricular programs.

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Connecting individuals to specific classrooms to help provide needed supplies with tax-deductable $250 contributions.

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Endowment Funds

The LEAF Activities and Academic Achievement endowment funds provide supplemental funding for academics, activities, arts and athletics.

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Hans Bodvarsson Scholarship

A scholarship in Hans’ name will be provided to a college-bound Tech High School student each year.

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Homeless Student Services

This fund provides school supplies, clothing, food and crisis housing assistance for District 742 homeless students in need.

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Language Immersion Program

The Immersion Program Legacy Fund supports District 742 Chinese and Spanish immersion programs.

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Legacy & Planned Giving

Gifts of $25,000 or more allow donors to set up a Legacy Fund within LEAF that can be directed to benefit a specific activity or educational program.

Music Matters

LEAF has established a fund focused on support for music programs. Grants will be made annually to District 742 music program.

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(Partners And Kids Reading A-lot Together)

During the summer months the PAKRAT bus provides books to all preschool through grade 3 students in District 742.

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(Partners And Kids Counting A-lot Together)

Generous grants, along with other individual donations help LEAF support the efforts of District 742 build reading and math literacy in our youngest learners!

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Retired Educators Club

Retired educators understand the importance of a well-rounded education and continue to have an impact on the our district’s students.

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