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Retired Educators Club Fund

Retired Educators Club Fund

The “ISD 742 Retired Educator’s Club” is an annual fundraising effort by LEAF.

On December 31, 2015, The LEAF ISD 742 Retired Educators Club surpassed the Legacy Fund requirement of $25,000! LEAF grants 5% of these funds to district academic, activities, arts and athletic programs annually. As of December 31, 2021 the fund has grown to $78,987! This will allow LEAF to make $3,949 in academic and activities program grants in 2022!  The size of grants from the fund will continue to grow as the fund grows! Grants are made in the name of our retired educators, noting their fund within the LEAF endowment.

LEAF honors the fact that these educators have already helped make a difference in the lives of our students through their years of service in education. Now, they are supporting something that will have a guaranteed on-going impact on the educational opportunities students receive in District 742.

LEAF’s mission is to enrich educational opportunities beyond the support of public revenues. Private support through LEAF does not replace tax funding, and is a complementary strategy that can fund innovative programs, new technology, equipment to enhance student learning, and extracurricular activities.

The members of the ISD 742 RETIRED Educator’s Club are listed below. The list includes teachers as well as other support personnel who have served District 742. Many of those listed have donated in multiple years – Thank You! We thank our retired educators for showing that through their donation to LEAF, they are still making a difference for students – even in retirement!

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Thanks To All Who Have Become A Retired Educators Club Member

Dave & Jan Algoe
Don Alm
John & Darelyn Anderson
Al & Mary Andreotti
Gerald & Jeanenne Anhorn
William (Bill) Armstrong
Mary & Roys Barron-Trout
Helen & Marvin Bauer
S. Victor & Susan Beckman
Bernie Berns & Terrance Iverson
Ginny & Jim Bisek
Robert (Mick) & Margaret Boatz
Warren & Jackie Bradbury
Mary Jane & Roger Brewster
Del Brobst
Bob & Sandra Burtness
Paul & Joan Buttweiler
Bruce Carlson
Ron & Ruth Carlson
John & Judy Carlsted
Connie Crane
Jim & Mary Dank
Steve & Vicki DeBrito
Tami DeLand & Steve Hansen
Pat & Kitty Dolan
Bob Domek
Juel & Sharon Dragland
Charlie & Peg Eisenreich
Kermit & Betty Ann Eastman
Ron & Sharon Eickhoff
Alice Ellingson
Walt & Deanna Erickson
Nancy & Glen Farb
Lucille Fletcher
Peter & Roberta Frantti
William (Bill)  & Cathy Frantti
Mike & Julianna Gabrielson
Gerald Gerads & Carol Weiler
Shawn Gombos
Sally & Les Green
Roger & Carol Haire
Ty & Joyce Hamerlik
Denny & Kim Hartman
Nick & Marie Hasselfeldt
Jack Haugen
Marj & Gary Hawkins
Jerry Hayenga
Paul & Dorrie Heine
Bruce & Colleen Hentges
Pat Hill
Fran & Bruce Hill-Rowan
Harold & Ardis Hines
Dave & Deb Holder
Carol & Steve Howe-Veenstra
Nancy & Bob Huber
Margy Hughes
Pam & Jim Huhtala
Dennis & Joyce Hummel
Beaulah Rose Hutchens – in memory of Warren Hutchens
Patti & Bob Imholte
Bob & Nancy Johnson
Don & Sandra Johnson
Ed Johnson
Marlys & Jim Johnson
Harlan & Luann Jopp
Jay & Barb Keller
Hub Kelly
Paul Kinney
John & Marlene Kjera
Bill Kruel
Jerry & Janet Larson
Robert & Sharon Larson
Mike Leach
Gerald & Deanna Lederer
Jim Lee
Mary Leisen
John Lieser
Mary Ann & Vernon Leitch
Ed Leuthner
Connie & Clyde Lewandowski
Mark & Sue Lindquist
John & Jan Ludwig
Kathy & Dennis Lyerly
Donald & Dorothy Matakis
Ione & Gary McCarney
Dave & Gloria Melby
Jim & Mary  Michaud
Bruce & Judy Moberg
Diane & Ralph Moeller
Pat & Cathy Mullen
Jane & Dennis Munson
James Noonan
Margaret Obremski
Dana O’Brien
Helen O’Rourke
Gil & Marlys Otto
Jane & John Oxton
Joy & David Palmquist
Luann Palmquist
Marv & Ione Pearson
Kim & Cheryl Pennington
Chuck Peterka
Linda & Ric Podvin

Wally & Shari Pretzer
Jannine & John Provinzino
Sheila & Rich Pulju
William & Patricia Radovich
Teresa Ries
Russ & Pat Riley
Dr. Virginia Riser
Phil & Val Rogosheske
Bernie Rolle
Ed & June Roos
Judy & Luther Rotto
Jerry & Donna Sales
Connie Sandmann & Mark Scholer
Linda & Stephen Saupe
Marilyn Savage
Guy & Terry Schafer
Kris & John Scharenbroich
Leon & Patricia Schnobrich
Chuck Sell
Ken & Judy Shorter
Jeanne & Terry Slingluff
Jan Sorell
Thea & Mark Stockinger
Dave & Sonja Strutz
Richard & Elizabeth Svee
Howard & Terry Sylvester
Barb Tillemans
Jack & Suzanne Toftey
Tolly & Karen Vollen
Gordon & Mary Wagner
Jack & Jill Wahman
Bruce & Geri Watkins
Dennis & Jo Weis
Dr. Pat Welter & Patrick Henry
Bob & Pat Werschay
John Wertz & Margaret Schlangen
Lonnie  & Carol Wild
Tom & Sue Williams
Dennis & Jo Ann Wilson
John & Jean Wittrock
Jeanne & Thom Woodward
Gary & Pat Zwack

indicates deceased

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