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Homeless Student Services Fund

LEAF supports homeless students and their families.

Every day, homeless students face the daunting task of trying to focus on a quality education while worrying about the basic needs like reliable source of food, clothing and shelter.

Since 2014, LEAF has been supporting District 742 students facing homelessness through our Homeless Student Services Fund.  The need is even greater during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Can you help us help students in need?

Donors who wish to contribute to the fund, which will provide needed school supplies, clothing, food and crisis housing assistance for District 742 homeless students, can make a tax-deductible contribution by clicking on the “Donate” button below.

You can also donate by sending a check, made out to “LEAF” to the LEAF address of PO Box 1132, St. Cloud, MN 56302.

A committee working with the District 742 Students Services Department and homeless student social workers provides oversight of the fund’s expenditures.

Please click the donate button below or scan the QR Code to donate to the Homeless Student Services Fund.


LEAF would like to acknowledge your donation. Please check the box that says “Share your mailing address…” while making your donation with PayPal.

Top 4 Reasons to Support LEAF’s Homeless Student Services Fund

  1. Your donations provide crisis shelter, food, clothing, and supplies for homeless youth
  2. There are approximately 300 homeless students at any given time in District 742
  3. LEAF has given over $190,000 since 2015
  4. You want all children to have an opportunity for success in school