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Who says CATS and RATS can’t work together?

Since 2011, LEAF has been supporting a unique child literacy and parent involvement program called PAKRAT (Parent And Kids Reading A-lot Together) in our preschool through grade 3 classrooms, and during the summertime through the PAKRAT Bus and summertime Read & Roll Program. In the last school year, 4,525 students in preschool through grade 3 read 143,170 books!  In the summer of 2018 2,048 kids checked out 5,325 books! 

The PAKRAT program has been so successful that LEAF was recently approached to begin a math literacy program similar to the PAKRAT program. After considerable study and work with District 742 administration, LEAF applied for and received a $22,350 grant from the Morgan Family Foundation to run a PAKCAT (Partners And Kids Counting A-lot Together) pilot program for 600 preschool students during the 2019-20 school year and the Summer PAKRAT/PAKCAT Bus program in 2020.  At the same time, the Richard M. Schluze Family Foundation (Best Buy) awarded LEAF $21,000 for additional PAKRAT books. These generous grants, along with other individual donations, will help LEAF support the efforts of District 742 staff in building reading and math literacy in our youngest learners!

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Click here to view and download the 2021 “Roll & Read” bus schedule.