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Chinese Immersion/Adopt-A-Classroom

October 31, 2022

Chinese knot received from the parents of the Chinese immersion program

Several parents of Chinese Immersion students collected funds to support the Chinese Immersion teachers by adopting their classrooms. When they brought the funds to the LEAF office they presented us with the “Chinese Knot” as explained below. Due to the generosity of the St. Cloud Community, LEAF has raised over $41,000 in Adopt-a-Classroom gifts and has been the conduit of these gifts to individual classrooms across District 742. Our thanks to all those who support public education in District 742!

“The character on the chinese knot is pronounced <fu’>, meaning blessing. The combined effort of parents blessing the teachers through LEAF’s Adopt-a-Classroom, which in turn blesses all the children in their classrooms with added resources, special materials, and fun elements! Thirty parents raised more than $2000 for all eight teachers that will benefit more than 200 children in 742’s Chinese immersion program at Madison, North, and Apollo.”