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2015-2016 In Review

Dear Friends of the Local Education & Activities Foundation (LEAF),

As a non-profit, LEAF strives to help District 742 meet the needs of its students. Changing times and changing needs have caused us to change and grow. As my time with the LEAF Board ends, I’m taking a trip through the history of LEAF and what it has been able to accomplish because of your generosity.

LEAF was founded in 1993 as an activities foundation, recognizing extracurricular activities are a vital component of education and student success. Our purpose was to raise money to help maintain activities, and we gave our first grants to District 742 in 1996. In 2001 we made our largest single contribution to District 742. When decreased state funding caused the District to consider eliminating middle school extracurricular programs; LEAF succeeded in raising $140,000 to save them.

In 2009, LEAF accepted the challenge of providing supplemental funding for academic programs. We created the Academic Enrichment and Opportunity Fund, to enhance curricular and classroom opportunities for our students, and our first academic grant was awarded in 2010. Since 2010, LEAF has grown and adapted to meet the changing needs of the District. Here are the new initiatives:

  • Adopt-a-Classroom, 2012, because teachers often spend their own money to provide classroom supplies and materials. Donors “adopt a classroom” for $250. The money is available to a selected teacher, to purchase needed items.
  • PAKRAT (Partners and Kids Reading A lot Together), 2012, a literacy program for pre-school through 3rd grade. Students check out a book every night to take home to read. Parents, students, and teachers love this program. Both private foundations and individual donors have recognized the importance and success of this program with their donations ($121,912 so far!).
  • Roll and Read bus, 2013, an expansion of PAKRAT. The PAKRAT program works so well, we partnered with District 742 and community organizations to bring books to students in their neighborhoods during the summer.
  • Immersion Program Fund, 2014, to help support the cost of materials, supplies, etc. for District 742’s Chinese and Spanish Immersion Programs. These funds have supported Amity interns and bought instructional supplies and media in the target language.
  • The Homeless Student Services Fund, 2014, to help provide basics for the homeless students in District 742 that are not provided by other local agencies. Because a child can’t learn if his/her basic needs aren’t met, it includes school supplies, clothing, food, and emergency housing assistance.

The new programs above developed as a response to changing needs. Our increasing growth is shown in the following numbers: LEAF has granted nearly $1.4 million dollars to support the education of District 742 students since 1996; $820,103 has been granted in the last six years. During that same time, our endowment increased by $493,214.

Thank you to all our supporters! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Joanne Dorsher
President of the Board

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