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Fire Truck Ride to School

May 19, 2022

Each year LEAF auctions a Fire Truck Ride to school for a lucky elementary student!  In 2019, the winning bidders were Mark & Ann Thelen.  Due to the pandemic, the fire truck ride wasn’t able to be completed until today (May 19, 2022). Somayo, a Talahi student was given the thrill of starting her school day with a ride to school on a Fire Truck.  Fire Chief Matt Love, Captain Marcus Luniewski, Acting Fire Apparatus Operator Brad Vaillancourt and Firefighter Anthony Rivera provided the ride.  When the fire truck arrived at Talahi,  it was greeted by the other  students in Somayo’s kindergarten class.  The students cheered the fire truck, asked questions of the firefighters, and even got to walk through the fire truck!   It was a beautiful morning and a great time was had by all!   Thanks to Chief Love and his staff – and to Mark & Ann Thelen, for providing a great experience for Somayo and her classmates!