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Dear 742 Administrators

On behalf of the LEAF board of directors we are writing to thank you for your educational leadership and to give you some examples of how LEAF is working to support the great things happening in our classrooms – and all academic, activities, arts and athletic programs in 742!  Just in the first two months of school this fall, LEAF has provided over $112,484 in support of a variety of District 742 programs.  Included in these programs are:

PAKRAT Success 2018-2019

PAKRAT DATA for 2018-2019


Roll and Read Book Bus Summer of 2019: 1,852 children checked out 4,614 books

LEAF Receives Two New Grants

Good News: Yesterday (05/16/2019), we were informed that we will receive two separate grants in support of LEAF efforts:

1.  $21,000 from the Richard Schulze Foundation (Best Buy) in support of the PAKRAT Program. This will allow us to continue to expand the PAKRAT library in our 9 elementary and preschool buildings as well as the summer Roll & Read Bus Program.

2.  $22.350 for a new program called “PAKCAT” (Partners And Kids Counting Alot Together), which will allow us to provide math concept development materials for preschool students in District 742. These materials will be included on the Summer Roll & Read Bus in the summer of 2020.

Thanks to Sara Martini (PAKRAT) and Melissa Hanzek-Brill (PAKCAT) for their expert help in submitting the grant applications!

LEAF Announces Spring 2019 Grants

LEAF grants climb to $165,494 for the 2018-19 School Year.

The District 742 Local Education & Activities Foundation announced the awarding of $49,333 during its spring Academic and Activities Funds granting cycle.  Each year, LEAF awards supplemental funding to academic, activities, arts and athletic programming in District 742 public schools.  Teachers, coaches and advisers submit grant applications for special projects twice during the academic year.  In addition, LEAF makes ticket sales grants to programs from the Night of the Stars Variety Show each spring (view a complete grant history here). Grants awarded this spring included funds for diverse projects including:

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