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Dear 742 Administrators

November 5, 2019

On behalf of the LEAF board of directors we are writing to thank you for your educational leadership and to give you some examples of how LEAF is working to support the great things happening in our classrooms – and all academic, activities, arts and athletic programs in 742!  Just in the first two months of school this fall, LEAF has provided over $112,484 in support of a variety of District 742 programs.  Included in these programs are:

  1. $24,250 in Adopt A Classroom grants to 97 classrooms in every school across the district.  These $250 grants are provided by individuals, businesses and organizations to help classroom teachers purchase needed supplies.
  2. $21,471 in Fall Activities Fund Grants.  These grants support all fine arts, academic and athletic student activities programs.
  3. $12,224 in Fall Academic Fund Grants in support of unique classroom instructional initiatives.
  4. $12,000 for the District 9th Grade EPIC Curriculum to support career exploration.  These funds were raised at the 2019 LEAF Learning Renaissance on October 27 at Cafe Renaissance.
  5. $2,009 from the LEAF Activity Participation Fund to pay for sports physicals for students who would otherwise be unable to afford to participate in our after school activities program.
  6. $6,600 from the LEAF Homeless Student Services Fund to help homeless students and their families with school supplies, food, clothing and emergency shelter needs.  This fund even helped a homeless family who was living in their car pay for license tab fees.
  7. $9,444 for the District PAKRAT – Child Literacy and Parent Involvement Program in grades P-3 in every district school
  8. $3,786 for the new “PAKCAT – Child Math Literacy Program in our preschool classrooms
  9. In addition, LEAF has been the conduit from donors for $20,700 in “Flow-Through” funding to support the South Jr. High Robotics Program and new helmets for Tech Football.

LEAF stands ready to do what we can to support your efforts in providing a quality educational experience for every student in District 742.  At the urging of a local businessman, we have recently begun a new LEAF School Lunch Fund to help those students & families who do not qualify for free lunch, but find it difficult to find the cash to pay for lunch.

Thanks for your educational leadership – Best wishes for a great school year!

Elizabeth Reisinger, LEAF Board President
Peggy Carlson, LEAF Board Vice President
Pat Krueger, LEAF Secretary
Tim Beck, LEAF Treasurer
Bruce Hentges, LEAF Executive Director