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Endowed Fund Grants: History

Following is a year-by-year listing from 1996 through 2021 of  LEAF’s endowed fund grants for student academics and activities in District 742.

Click on the section titles below to view the details for each period.

Fall 2021 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $23,275
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo High SchoolBoys Basketball$800
Apollo High SchoolBoys Soccer$681
Apollo High SchoolApollo Swim and Dive Record Board$900
Apollo High SchoolArt Club Supplies and Shirts$950
Apollo High SchoolDisplay Screen$1,500
Apollo, McKinley and TechGSA Clubs$1,500
Kennedy Community SchoolBolts VEX Robotics Grades 6-8$1,500
North Junior HighGirls Who Code$562
North Junior HighMascot Update$300
North Junior HighVEX Robotics Kits$1,500
North Junior HighWhere Everyone Belongs (WEB)$700
South Junior HighVEX Robotics$1,500
South Junior HighWEB Crew$700
North & SouthGSA$700
Tech High SchoolCrush Nordic Skiing: Wax and Equipment Updates$1,483
Tech High SchoolDECA Leadership Conference$1,000
Tech High SchoolGirls Soccer$683
Tech High SchoolHOSA Leadership Conference$1,283
Tech High SchoolSwim and Dive Team Parkas (Girls and Boys)$2,033
Tech High SchoolVEX Robotics Club$1,500
WestwoodGreat Theatre Play in a Week$1,500
 Total Fall 2021$23,275
Fall 2021 Academic Fund Grants – Total: $21,231
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo High SchoolPAES Lab$1,300
Apollo High SchoolBARR for all 9th grade students$250
Apollo High SchoolHands On Learning-Science$500
DiscoveryRepresentation Project$1,000
DiscoveryScience Lab$1,000
LincolnAVMR: Advantage Math Recovery$2,487
LincolnLincoln All Stars Achieve!$500
North Junior HighAcademic Enrichment Activities$1,407
North Junior HighCalming Corner$419
North Junior HighFlexibility in the Classroom$325
North Junior HighMN Studies Novels-Broken Blade and Wintering$700
North Junior HighPower Up Headphones$287
North Junior HighScience Enrichment 2021-2022$750
North Junior HighUpdating Flexible Seating$325
Oak HillPreschool STEM and Fine Motor Units$504
Oak HillSTEM Morning Tubs for First Grade$186
QuarryviewSupporting Social Emotional and Functional Developmental$1,387
Quarryview Early ChildhoodBooks/toys to Enrich Curriculum$500
Roosevelt Education CenterBehavior Reinforcement Rewards$250
Roosevelt Education CenterBooks to help engage readers$100
Roosevelt Education CenterHow High is the Sky? Weather Balloon Project$600
South Junior HighFarm Camp Field Day$1,000
TalahiMs. Trebesch’s Classroom Needs$100
Tech High SchoolEquitable Calculations$1,680
Tech High SchoolPopular Novel Circles$837
Tech High SchoolTech High School Recycling Project$1,837
Tech High SchoolTiger Proud$1,000
WestwoodWestwood Robotics (Sphero) Project$540
 Total Fall 2021$21,231
Spring 2021 – COVID Related, Restricted & Contingency Grants – Total: $44,639.00
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
DistrictDistance Learning Academy – Creating Positive Teacher/Student Connections$1,000.00
ApolloAttendance Incentives for Distance Learning$954.00
KennedyPBIS Program Incentives$500.00
ClearviewOutdoor Learning Space Development$2,967.00
TechNHS Grad Stoles$550.00
TechBuilding Access/Reducing Risks$900.00
TechPBIS Incentives$1,000
TechTiger Pride$1,400.00
South Jr. HighMindful YOGA Mats$1,032.00
South Jr. HighPositive School Behavior Incentives$1,000.00
South Jr. HighMobile Makerspace Cart$1,000.00
McKinleyTeen Truth Program Grant$2,400.00
Clearview/MadisonChinese/Spanish Immersion Program – Legacy Fund$6,856.00
TechSchmitz Scholarship – Legacy Fund$5,000.00
Apollo/TechSpring 2021 Tech/Apollo Virtual Choir Project$2,300.00
TechStudent Hygiene Essentials$1,500.00
ApolloFootball – Practice Uniforms$1,500.00
ApolloTrack Needs$1,161.00
TechSoftball Helmets$330.00
TechAthletics – Legacy Fund$4,520.00
TechFootball – Legacy Fund$1,836.00
ApolloActivities – Legacy Fund$1,633.00
SouthActivities – Legacy Fund$1300.00
SouthWEB Crew Supplies for Summer Training$500.00
SouthMicroscope Service & Repair$500.00
 Total Spring Activities Grants 2020$44,639.00
Fall 2020 COVID-19 Grants – Total: $22,100.00
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
 Headphones for District Learning$10,000.00
 Curricular supplies related to District Learning$5,000.00
 Early Childhood Education Program Needs$1,500.00
 North Jr. High “Making Positive Connections During Distance Learning”$1,250.00
 Tech Boys Soccer Coach$850.00
 Apollo Boys Basketball Uniforms$1,500.00
 Tech Boys Basketball Uniforms$1,500.00
 Lincoln Elementary “Dress Up Day” support$500.00
 Total Spring Activities Grants 2020$22,100.00
Fall 2020 Fund-a-Need Grants – Total: $15,584.00
Chromebooks & hot spots$15,584.00
Spring 2020 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $15,169.00
 Tech Athletics$4,520.00
 Tech Football$1,836.00
 Apollo Activities$1,633.00
 South Activites$1,300
Tech HighGirls Soccer$750.00
Tech HighTrack$785.00
McKinley/ALCMAAP STARS$645.00
North Jr. HighCommunity Action Day$670.00
North Jr. HighWhere Everyone Belongs$500.00
Apollo/NorthEagle FPS/CPS$375.00
District 742Gearheads Robotics$550.00
Apollo HighSwim/Dive Team$430.00
Tech HighHOSA Conference$500.00
Tech HighAVID Senior Trip$175.00
 Tech Speech to Harvard$500.00
 Total Spring Activities Grants 2020$15,169.00
Spring 2020 Academic Fund Grants – Total: $14,317.00
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Clearview/MadisonChinese/Spanish Immersion Program$6,517.00
Tech HighSchmitz Scholarship$5,000.00
 Get Fit At Home$1,000.00
 Internet Hot Spots for District 7421,800.00
 Total Spring Academic Grants 2020$14,317.00
Fall 2019 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $21,046.00
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo HighSt Cloud Apollo Boys Basketball$2,000.00
Apollo HighApollo Boys Soccer$1,600.00
Tech HighTech Speech and Debate$2,000.00
Tech HighTech ESports$1,100.00
Tech HighTech HOSA Leadership Conference participation (school-year events)$2,346.00
McKinley/ALCMcKinley Action Team$1,500.00
Apollo HighApollo Swimming Underwater Speaker and Coaching System$750.00
Apollo HighApollo Eagle Swim Camp- Transportation$600.00
Tech HighTech DECA State Leadership Conference$1,500.00
Tech HSSt Cloud Tech Softball$2,000.00
Tech HSTech Nordic Ski equipment 2019$1,200.00
North Jr. HSNorth Eagle Future Problem SolvingCommunity Problem Solving (FPS/CmPS)$1,950.00
Tech HSTech Girls Soccer$2,500.00
 Total Fall Activities Grants 2019$21,046.00
Fall 2019 Academic Fund Grants – Total: $12,224.00
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Lincoln ElementaryAdding Depth and Complexity to Multicultural Books$1,047.00
Madison ElementaryProject Story Boost $505.00
North Jr. HighFish in a Tree Novel Study $202.00
North Jr. HighFlexible Seating and Flexible Teaching$705.00
North Jr. HighGive Science Back its Legs!$1,160.00
North Jr. HighScience experiential learning through hands on activites$1,000.00
QuarryviewBirth to Three Home Intervention Gross Motor Enrichment$808.00
QuarryviewECFE Environment Enrichment$2,905.00
South Jr. HighEnriching Social and Emotional Growth Opportunities$150.00
South Jr. HighSJU Outdoor University Field Trip$650.00
Talahi ElementaryCulture and Diversity Through the Creation of Collaborative and Individual Spoken Word Pieces.$1,500.00
Tech HighHigh School Math Classroom Manipulative Tables $392.00
Tech HighHistory Day at Tech!$1,200.00
 Total Fall Academic Grants 2019$12,224.00
Spring 2019 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $15,117
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
South Junior HighActivities$1,300
Tech HighAthletics$4,018
Tech HighFootball$1,826
Apollo HighActivities$1,467
Apollo HighFootball travel bags$2,000 
Apollo HighTrack timing equipment$492
Talahi ElementaryBankshot Basketball$800
North Junior HighFuture Problem Solving (FPS/CmPS)$1,000
Apollo High /District 742Granite City Gearheads Robotics$500 
Tech HighDrama for microphone upgrades$714
Tech HighPBIS Program$1,000
 Total Spring Activities Grants 2019$15,117
Spring 2019 Academic Fund Grants – Total: $27,854.09
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
District 742LEAF Legacy Fund Grant to Chinese/Spanish Immersion Programs$6,102.09
District 742LEAF Legacy Fund Grant to Schmitz Scholarship$5,000
Kennedy CommunityCanine Support/Therapy Program$250
Tech HighAfter school enrichment program$800
McKinley/ALCBasketball for physical education$400
Tech HighASL student trip to MN State Academy for the deaf$400
 Early Education Program for birth to three home visiting$500
North Junior HighChallenge course and team building at St. John’s$750
ClearviewClearview Forest geocaching project$1,900
District 742Closing the Homework Gap with Hotspots Project$2,802
Kennedy CommunityCritical and Creative Thinkers project$500
North Junior HighFlexible seating project$600
South Junior HighLiterature Circles$500
McKinley/ALCMAAP STARS Leadership Conference$500
McKinley/ALCYouth Service Project at VA$400
Westwood ElementaryMakerSpace 3D printer$500
North Junior HighMinnesota Studies Enrichment Projects$1,000
South Junior HighSchool visit from the International Owl Center$700
District 742“Science Dimensions” posters and classroom planning cards$500
South Junior HighSouth Enrichment Days$750
North Junior HighSt. John’s Canoeing and Challenge Course$2000
Apollo HighZot Art for students with different abilities$1000
 Total Spring Academic Grants 2019$27,854.09
Fall 2018 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $21,250
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
South Junior HighFootball and Volleyball Uniforms$1,000
North Junior HighSoccer shin guards$500
Tech High SchoolBoys basketball jerseys & bags$750
Tech High SchoolTrack warm-ups$1,875
Tech High SchoolNordic Ski supplies$1,000 
Tech High SchoolGirls Soccer jerseys$1,000
Tech High SchoolGirls Basektball bags$500
Apollo High SchoolNordic Ski boots$1,000
Apollo High SchoolGirls Softball uniforms$1,000
Kennedy Community SchoolDrama Program$825
Tech High SchoolLeadership Conferences$1,000
Apollo High SchoolMath League$950
McKinley/ALCEntrepreneurship Mini Camp$750
North Junior HighHistory Day competition$400
North Junior HighWEB Program$600
McKinley/ALCService Learning Projects$1,000
North Junior HighStudent Council t-shirts$150
North Junior HighArt Club supplies$550
Tech High SchoolYearbook DSLR camera$700
Apollo High SchoolYearbook camera lenses$700
Tech High SchoolSpeech Team supplies$2,000
District-wideFIRST Robotics equipment & supplies$1,000
Apollo High SchoolSwim Camp transportation & expenses$1,000
Quarryview/Community EdDistrict 742 Youth Choir$1,000
 Total Fall 2018$21,250
Fall 2018 Academic Fund Contingency Grants – Total: $1,500
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
South Junior HighFootball and Volleyball Uniforms$$500
North Junior HighSoccer shin guards$500
Tech High SchoolBoys basketball jerseys & bags$500
 Total Fall Contingency Grants 2018$1,500
Fall 2018 Fund-a-Need Grants – Total: $12,000
English Language Learners Program$12,000
Spring 2018 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $16,334
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Tech High SchoolActivities$1,250
South Junior HighActivities$3,518
Tech High SchoolFootball$1,818
Apollo High SchoolActivities$1,250
Tech High SchoolGirls Soccer Uniforms$1,000 
Apollo High SchoolGirls & Boys Cross Country Uniforms$800 
Apollo High SchoolRock Climbing Club$250 
Apollo High SchoolSwim & Dive Team Warm Ups$950 
Tech High SchoolGirls Golf Stand Bags$750
Tech High SchoolBoys Golf Stand Bags$750
North Junior High SchoolVEX Robotics software & equipment$1,000
Apollo High SchoolBoys Varsity Soccer equipment$1,000
Apollo High SchoolBaseball Jaeger Bands to promote arm strength$298
Apollo/Tech/St. John’s PrepFIRST Robotics Program expenses$700
North Junior High SchoolFPS/CmPS Competition expenses$1,000
 Total Spring 2018$16,334
Spring 2018 Academic Fund Grants – Total: $21,181
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
 Chinese/Spanish Immersion Programs$4,761
 Schmitz Scholarship$5,000
South Junior High7th Grade Science Conservation Kit$580
TalahiKindergarten Artist Residency for one week$550
KennedyTherapy Dog visits$500
McKinley/ALCScience “hands-on” activity$350
North Junior HighHigh Inter-disciplinary Unit on Minnesota (speakers/presenters)$1,440
North Junior HighWhere Everybody Belongs-Boomerang Project$1,440
North Junior High6th-Grade Field Trip to Mill City Museum$2,500
South Junior HighZero-Hour Physical Activity Program$1,500
McKinley/ALCYouth Service Project at VA$1,100
 MAAP STARS Fall Leadership Conference$1,000
 Total Spring 2018$21,181
Fall 2017 Academic Fund Contingency Grants – Total: $2,060
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Tech/Apollo High SchoolPurchase of 40 books, I Am Malala for EL Language Arts$560
District-wideOne District, One Book Initiative support$1,500
 Total Fall 2017$2,060
Fall 2017 Fund-a-Need Grants – Total: $10,417
District 742 Elementary Talent Development Program$10,417
Fall 2017 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $21,500
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo High SchoolCARE Club supplies for diversity initiatives$472
District-wideUnited States Academic Triathlon Program$2,000
Tech High Schoo9th grade Boys Basketball uniforms$1,000
Apollo High SchoolGirls Swim/Diving Parkas$950
Apollo High SchoolAdapted Softball uniforms$1,000
Apollo High SchoolDance Team costumes$1,000
McKinley/ALCEntrepreneurships Camp expenses$1,000
McKinley/ALCService Learning Project Funding$500
Apollo High SchoolWeight Room equipment$750
Apollo High SchoolWrestling Mat for practice$1,000
Apollo High SchoolGirls Basketball uniforms$1,000
Apollo/Cathedral/TechFirst Robotics Program support$1,000
Apollo High SchoolEquipment for Rock Climbing Club$500
Tech High School Chromebook and camera lens for Yearbook$500
Kennedy Community SchoolVEX Robotics equipment & supplies$1,000
Tech High School Girls Soccer Uniforms$1,000
McKinley/ALCBoys Basketball uniforms$750
District-wideElementary Geography Bee expenses$480
Tech High School Girls & Boys Swim Warm-ups$950
Tech High School Girls Track competition uniforms$1,000
Tech High School HOSA funding for participation in events$1,000
Tech High School Nordic Ski Team equipment and uniforms$1,000
Tech High School Gymnastics balance beam and sting mat$900
Tech High School District-wide Honor Choir Performance expenses$750
 Total Fall 2017$21,500
Spring 2017 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $14,824
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Tech High SchoolAthletics Legacy Grant$3,062
Tech High SchoolFootball Legacy Grant$1,701
South Junior HighActivities Legacy Grant$1,250
Tech High SchoolBoys Soccer$1,000
Apollo/Tech/CathedralRobotics Competition and Registration$1,000
Tech High SchoolGirls Track & Field Competition Uniforms$500
Tech High SchoolSpeech Team for Program and Competition Expenses$1,000
Apollo High SchoolBoys Soccer Uniforms$1,000
South Junior HighRobotics Program supplies$500
North Junior HighRegistration Fees for CmFPS International Competition$1,000
Apollo High SchoolTrap-Shooting Team Range Fees$500
 Girls Softball Bats$611
 Elementary Academic Achievement Activities$450
 Flow-through to Girls Lacrosse Uniforms from J.A. Wedum Foundation$1,250
 Total Spring 2017$14,824
Spring 2017 Academic Fund Grants – Total: $15,512
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
 LEAF Legacy Fund Grant to Chinese & Spanish Immersion Program$4,761
 Elementary/Middle School 2nd and 6th Graders to SJU Outdoor Field Trips$3,662
KennedyBand Trip to MMEA Middle Level Festival$264
TalahiPhysical Education Projector, videos & training tools$1,350
MadisonTherapeutic, Multi-Sensory Room supplies$1,500
TalahiStorytelling Residency for 3rd Graders$500
MadisonStanding Tables & Foam Mats for Flexible Classroom Seating Project   $600
MadisonMaker-Space Lab$1,500
LincolnGraphic Novels for Library$600
Tech High SchoolOne Day Guest Artist/Composer Residency$325
LincolnBus transportation to Minneapolis for trip to Orchestra Hall and Minnesota Institute of Art$450
 Total Spring 2017$15,512
Fall 2016 Fund-a-Need Grants – Total: $12,685
 Mobile Hot Spots for use by need students$12,685
Fall 2016 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $20,212
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Tech/ApolloBoys Hockey uniforms$1,000
Tech/ApolloRobotics Club supplies and equipment$2,327
Apollo High SchoolRock Climbing Club equipment and transportation$500
Apollo High SchoolWeightroom equipment$750
Apollo High SchoolWrestling uniforms$1,000
 Apollo High School Gymnastics equipment$1,200 
 Apollo High School Girls Basketball uniforms$2,500 
 North Junior High Student Leadership Council$500 
 North Junior High Eagles Act Project Supplies$700 
 North Junior High Art Club supplies$300 
 North Junior High Arts Contest supplies$500 
McKinleyALC Service Project expenses$400 
 McKinley ALC Entrepreneurship Camp$750 
 Tech High School Robotics Club supplies$1,030 
 Tech High School Nordic Ski Team uniforms$1,000 
 Tech High School Girls/Boys Basketball shooting machine$1,000 
 Tech High School Health Occupations Leadership Conferences$1,000 
 Tech High School Dance Team costumes$1,000 
 District-wide Disadvantaged Youth activities participation expenses$1,875 
 Talahi Elementary Battle of the Books expenses$280 
 Contingency Grant to District Talent Development/Elementary Knowledge Bowl$600 
 Total Fall 1996$20,212
Spring 2016 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $14,168
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
TechAthletics Legacy Grant$2,574
TechFootball Legacy Grant$1,726
TechGirls Basketball Equipment$600
Apollo/Cathedral/TechRobotics Program & Competition Expenses$1,000
ApolloOff-Season Training Equipment for Wellness Center$950
ApolloWrestling Team Warm-Ups$900
ApolloNordic Ski Equipment$328
McKinley/ALCYouth Service Project to VA Hospital$700
District Welcome CenterAssistance for Disadvantaged Youth Participation$400
TechNew Football Uniforms$2,000
ApolloDance Team Transportation, Warm-Ups & Supplies$300
TechGirls Soccer Equipment & Uniforms$940
TechBoys & Girls Track & Field Equipment$1,500
ApolloCreative Arts Magazine Supplies/Food For Event$250
 Total Spring 2016$14,168
Spring 2016 Academic Fund Grants – Total: $14,664
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
LEAFLegacy Fund Grant to Chinese & Spanish Immersion Program$3,657 
ApolloFOCUS Program Funding For Students With Behavior Issues $150 
KennedyComputer Science Curriculum for K-8 Math and Literacy Standards $2,000
 Two iPad Airs for Mars Simulation Lab$800
Early Childhood EducationMaterials for Conscious Discipline Program$2,000
Kennedy8 Acer Chrome Books for 4th Grade Students To Access ALEKS$600 
KennedyArtist To Work With a Specific Standard in 2016-17 $1,107
ApolloTheme Book Sets For English Academy 2$750
Kennedy“FUSE” Community Garden$750
KennedyGuided Math Stations$500 
North Junior HighPortfolios For North Students With E/BD$350
North Junior HighIncentives for Students With E/BD $250 
North Junior High7th Graders to CSB/SJU Challenge Course/Teamwork   $750
North Junior HighYouth Energy Summit – Environmental Issues$1,000
 Total Spring 2016$14,664
Fall 2015 Fund-a-Need Grants – Total: $5,469
One District/One Bool Initiative$2,827
VEX Robotics$2,642
Fall 2015 Activities Fund Grants – Total $24,667
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ApolloGirls Soccer Uniforms $1,500
TechGirls Basketball Uniforms$3,200
TechBoys Uniforms$1,300
TechBoys & Girls Track Equipment $1,400
South Jr. HighVEX Robotics Starter Kits $1,000
South Jr. HighBoys & Girls Basketball Uniforms $2,000
Talahi ElementaryVideo Artist Residency $550
 Disadvantaged Student Activities Support $1,785
North Jr. High“Draw for Art” Program Supplies$550
North Jr. HighArt Club Supplies $675
North Jr. HighEagles Act Club$750
Tech9th Grade Boys Basketball Jerseys$1,000
TechBoys/Girls Golf Mats$1,230
TechNASA Student Scholarships $1,200
ApolloWellness Center$500
ApolloWrestling Camcorders$320
District-wideFirst Robotics Program$2,087
TechOrchestra Young People’s Concert$300
ApolloCreative Magazine


TechHealth Occupations (HOSA) Conferences/Competitions$2,000
TechGirls Softball Jerseys$1,000
 Total Fall 2015 Activities Fund Grants$24,667
Spring 2015 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $14,155
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Tech High SchoolAthletics Legacy Grant $2,117
Tech High SchoolFootball Legacy Grant$1,661
Tech High SchoolFunding for track/CC tent/shelter$500
District WideParticipation funding for K-12 free/reduced lunch students $600
North Jr. HighVex Robotics expenses/supplies $1,000
North Jr. HighMississippi Strings Camp scholarships for District 742 students $600
North Jr. HighParticipation funding for students $500
Apollo High SchoolNew football helmets for North-Side Youth Football $1,200
Area Learning CenterEntrepreneurship Camp$250
Area Learning CenterYouth Service Project$750
Oak HillTennis nets for PE classes$300
South Jr. HighWeAct summer leadership program for students$1,227
Area Learning CenterMAAP STARS supplies/expenses$750
Tech High SchoolNordic Ski equipment $500
Tech High SchoolNew basketball uniforms for boys basketball$1,200
Tech High SchoolSpeech Team coaches, travel & supplies$1,000
 Total Spring 2015 Activities Fund Grants$14,155
Spring 2015 Academic Fund Grants – Total: $13,393
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
KennedyReading & Writing Instant Centers$200
ClearviewDrum Sets for Music Dept$450
Oak HillSMART Board for EL Program$1,500
LincolnAdditional books with CD’s to help students read$200
North Jr. HighNational History Day activities$300
LincolnField trip to Orchestra Hall$800
North Jr. HighEagle Academy student service learning project$200
North Jr. HighResources for MN History Museum classroom lessons$525
KennedyReading & Writing Instant Centers$200
North Jr. HighSchool-owned music instruments for low-income students$1,500
MadisonChrome Book Computer$300
North Jr. HighSJU Challenge Course for 7th grade students$750
North Jr. HighClassroom sets of wireless electronic temp probes that work with iPads$1,125
WestwoodPhys Ed Equipment for winter recess$500
TalahiNative American one-week Residency$200
Early Childhood EdBooks, instructional materials, etc$1,600
Tech High School“We Need Our Space” campaign for teaching STEM concepts.  TAIL Lab$3,043
 Total Spring 2015 Academics Fund Grants$13,393
Fall 2014 Fund-a-Need Grants – Total: $13,245
 District Music Program$6,806
District Science Program$6,439
Fall 2014 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $21,938
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo/TechChoir Performance of “The Peacemaker”$3000
TechChamber Orchestra music and transportation$300
TechJazz and Dixieland Bands supplies$300
TechHOSA Program competition and conference expenses$300
District-wideEx Curricular support for homeless/disadvantaged students$803
TechBaseball uniforms$2000
Lincoln ElementaryAll Star Choir for disadvantaged students$750
ALC/McKinleyService Learning Project$450
North Jr. HighService Learning Day Project$2000
Madison ElementaryBattle of the Books$135
Madison ElementaryRobotics/Kano afterschool activity$500
District-wideWeAct activities$700
Apollo/TechAlpine Skiing expenses$500
ALC/McKinleyEntrepreneurship Camp$300
North Jr. HighFunding for “Eagle Act” activities$1,000
Tech High SchoolYearbook technology needs$250
Tech High SchoolDrama technology needs$2,500
Clearview/SouthSupervision of activity participants going from Clearview to South$1,500
North Jr. HighAfterschool Art Club activities$800
Tech High SchoolGirl’s Soccer uniforms$1,000
Talahi ElementaryTalahi Elementary Art Residency match$350h
District-wideRobotics Program$2,200
North Jr. HighEagle Pride funding$300
 Total Fall 2014 Activities Fund Grants$21,938
Spring 2014 Activities Fund Grants – Total: $12,933
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Tech High SchoolAthletic Legacy Grant$1,775
Tech High SchoolFootball Legacy Grant  $1,556
South Junior HighDrama Program – Wireless mic$800
ALCVeterans Service Program$750
ALC MAAP Stars Conference & Legislative Day Transport & Registration$1,000
Roosevelt/District WideAssistance & participation fees for homless and economically disadvanated students$650
NorthArt aftersschool program electronic tablets$400
Tech High SchoolYearbook Chrome book & supplies$500
ApolloGolf shirts $252
Apollo/TechRobotics Program$1,500
TechJump boxes for weight rooom & gym$800
TechMSHSL mandated soccer uniforms  $1,000
TechSpeech Program supplies & expenses$1000
TechSoftball pitching machine & catchers gear$1000
 Total Spring 2014 Activities Fund Grants$12,933
Spring 2014 Academic Fund – Total: $9,530
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Discovery SchoolLevel B,C & D Kindergarten books$400
Discovery SchoolVisual & Verbalizing for Language Comprehension & Thinking Program$250
South Junior HighFitness Center learning tools/cardio equipment$700
Oak Hill SchoolLeveled Literacy Intervention support$1,250
Apollo H STechnology device carts with Chrome books and iPad minis$1,000
Westwood SchoolGrade 2 Ready to Go nonfiction books$300
Lincoln SchoolLibrary graphic novels$300
Lincoln SchoolChrome books for student use$555
Talahi SchoolSummer Roll & Read program $1,000
Madison SchoolMobil devices for school & after-school use$1,500
TalahiSpecial Education Leveled Literacy interventions$1,375
Lincoln21st Century Listening center$250
MadisonClassroom VIP program$1000
Roosevelt PreschoolSitting Mats$200
 Total Spring 2014 Academic Fund$9,530
Fall 2013 Fund-a-Need Grants – Total: $15,876
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
District-wideDistrict 742 One District/One Book Initiative$7,946
District-wide9th grade Community Read: To Kill A Mockingbird production tickets & transportation$4,680
District-wideRobotics Program supplies and equipment$3,250
 Total Fall 2013 Fund-A-Need Grants$15,876
Fall 2013 Activities Fund – Total: $23,375
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ApolloAV screen for the gym$400
ApolloMentor musician for the Fall Musical$1,000
ApolloBoy’s Soccer uniforms$1,000
ApolloSub-flooring for Wrestling program$500
ApolloBoys & Girls Swim Team timing equipment$3,500
District-wideRobotics Team supplies$1,000
District-wideSt. Cloud Breakaways Alpine Ski Team Expenses$350
Kennedy ElementaryBusing for students to Orchestra Concerts and tickets $350
Lincoln ElementaryBusing to Tech for Tech Skills USA memtoring$300
Madison Elementary“Battle of the Books” competition$250
North Middle SchoolAfterschool Arts Program$600
District-wideDisadvantaged youth participation through Roosevelt Social Worker$1,150
South Middle SchoolSpeech Team meet supplies$500
South Middle SchoolFitness Center expansion$4,000
TechGirl’s tennis uniforms$1,500
TechYearbook batteries/camera$500
TechHOSA Team activities/conference$1,425
TechNordic Ski Team supplies$1,000
TechGymnastics Team supplies$1,000
ApolloDrama supplies and equipment$2,000
District-wideIcebreakers Girls Hockey equipment$400
 Total Fall 2013 Activities Fund$23,375
Spring 2013 Activities Fund – Total: $11,280
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ALC McKinleyALC Youth Service Project at VA Hospital$1,500
ALC McKinleyALC McKinley$1,500
ApolloMotivational Speaker$150
ApolloDigital Media Design Group Start up$750
ApolloRobotics Team funding for supplies/competition$2,000
KennedyMN Opera Performance Transportation for 6th graders$750
NorthService Learning Project    $500
NorthStudent transportation to MNSOTA Orchestra Festival$500
TechSkills USA State/National competition  $500
TechRental for a Baby Grand Piano for Senior Project$323
TechActivities Program Designated Funds$1,352
TechFootball Program Designated Funds   $1,455
 Total 2013 Spring Academics Fund$11,280
Spring 2013 Academics Fund – Total: $7,650
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
City Life 742Funds for students to participate in Benton County Fair Exhibition    $240
District wideKits for theme-based learning for Deaf/Blind students$500
KennedyPurchase “Who Was” series for ELA, Social Studies & Math Standards$416
MadisonKindergarten multicultural supplies$400
Oak HillChromebooks for English Language Arts Standards$1,494
RoosevelltPreschool handwriting & math instructional materials$600
TalahiCreate a Reading Garden in library courtyard$400
TalahiPAKRAT book bins & supplies$200
TalahiTier 2 & Tier # Reading Intervention Program;$1,500
TalahiCurriculum materials for Leveled Literacy Intervention$900
WestwoodChromebooks for Classroom use$1,000
 Total Spring 2013 Academics Fund$7,650
Fall 2012 Fund-a-Need Grants – Total: $13,740

Following are the special LEAF Academic Fund Grants made available as a result of the October 28, 2012 LEAF Learning Renaissance Fundraiser and “Fund-the-Need” Auction that was part of that fundraiser. As a result of the Fund-the-Need auction and a generous matching grant, LEAF was able to provide $13,740 in this special granting round.

SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ApolloClassroom Response Remotes$400
ApolloBooks for EL student Mentoring$500
ClearviewAmity Cultural Exchange Program$3,000
ClearviewIpods for Daily 5 Literacy activities$1,000
LincolnTechnology (SmartBoards) to reduce Achievement Gap$2,000
MadisonIpod Touches for Kindergarten math/reading Interventions$875
TalahiMath Interventions$250
TalahiJunior Achievement BizTown Participation$1,580
TalahiReading Intervention Program$2,835
TalahiSmartBoard of El JumpStart Program$1,300
 Total Fall 2012 Fund-the-Need Grants$13,740
Fall 2012 Activities Fund – Total: $20,918
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo2 IPADS for Golf Coaches to use in Analyzing swings$50
ApolloRe-institute Bacchanal – Creative Magazine$700
ApolloNew Away Hockey Uniforms$1,000
ApolloApollo Girls Basketball Supplies$500
ApolloTwo – Rebel T31 SLR Cameras for Yearbook Pictures$750
Apollo/TechTiming System for Cross Country Meets$825
Apollo/TechSt. Cloud Robotics Club supplies$1,000
TechNew Away Hockey Uniforms$1,000
TechUpdate Wellness Center with new “Cross Fit” equipment$1,500
TechSpeech Team supplies$1,000
TechB & G Golf bags & uniforms$3,000
TechChamber Orchestra:  music, electronic tuner and busing$500
TechMSHSL mandated new uniforms$2,000
TechStudents to WEDAY Manitoba (Children Helping Children)$593
TechHOSA student events throughout the year$1,000
TechTech Drama Grant/LEAF Appreciation & Awards Reception$2,000
District-wideSupport for impovershed student participation in activities$1,000
North Jr. HighArt Club supplies, scholarships$500
North Jr. HighService Learning Day/Kids Serving Kids Initiative$2,000
 Total Fall 2012 Activities Fund$20,918
Spring 2012 Activities Fund – Total: $12,114
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
TechJazz Band$900
TechTrack Poles for Pole Vault$1,500
TechWrestling Warm-ups$866
TechTrack Equipment$800
TechFootball Fund$1,383
ApolloGirls Soccer Uniforms$1,500
District-wideJr. High Honor Band$465
RooseveltHomeless/Indigent Participation Help$1,000
South Jr. HighTheater Lighting$2,000
TOTALTotal Spring 2012 Activities Fund$12,114
Spring 2012 Academic Fund – Total: $10,425
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
District ABEVolunteer Background Checks$1,000
ALCYouth Service Project$500
ALCMAPP Conference$1,500
ClearviewTalkies Program$380
Talahi/ClearviewMississippi Strings$600
LincolnTier II Math Supplies$1,200
North Jr. HighIPADs$3,000
MadisonPlanet Turtle$745
Roosevelt Early EdMaterials for Early Ed$500
 Total Spring 2012 Academic Fund$10,425
Fall 2011 Activities Fund – Total: $20,672
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Clearview, Lincoln, Talahi, Oak Hill, South Jr. HighYouth Football Equipment$1,500
North Jr. HighService Learning Day Assistance$2,500
City LifeResilience Art Contest$300
District-WideHelp for homeless/low-income activity participation$1,300
South Jr. HighArt Club and Studio Time$500
ApolloWrestling Mat$2,500
ApolloB & G XC Printable Timer$400
ApolloRobotics Competition$2,000
ApolloTarget Student Service Project$500
ApolloGymnastics Mats$1,000
TechStart-up Costs for Track Meet$320
TechSpeech Competition Costs$1,500
TechStart-up Costs For Super Mileage Vehicle Club$2,282
TechBall Cart for Basketballs$250
TechGirls BB Practice Jerseys$300
TechTech Jazz Ensemble$120
TechBoys BB Uniforms$900
ApolloContingency Grant: Yearbook to Conference$500
TechContingency Grant: Girl’s Hockey Jerseys$2,000
 Total Fall 2011 Activities Fund$20,672
Fall 2011 Academic Fund – Total: $12,137
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Clearview/DistrictMississippi Strings Camp$1,000
LincolnClassroom Library Project$250
LincolnK-1 Literacy Technology$1,000
LincolnPAKRAT Child Literacy and Parental Involvement Program$1,000
ApolloTouch-Screen cash register for special needs students$1,000
ApolloBooks for ELL Jumpstart Program$1,000
District-WideAdvance Placement Prep (Summer Program)$2,787
MadisonChinese Immersion Program Books$750
MadisonPlanet turtle Interactive Learning Project$1,000
MadisonPAKRAT Child Literacy and Parental Involvement Program$1,000
KennedyDaily 5/Café Reading Program$500
Oak HillPAKRAT Child Literacy and Parental Involvement Program$500
DiscoveryPAKRAT Child Literacy and Parental Involvement Program$350
 Total Fall 2011 Academic Fund$12,137
Spring 2011 Activities Fund – Total: $10,007
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
TechSkills USA Team to State Competition$500
RooseveltHomeless/Indigent Student participation$500
ApolloSt. Cloud Robotics Team to State Competition$3,000
ApolloFootball Sideline Parkas$675
ApolloDanceline equipment$700
ApolloSoccer equipment for games/practices$1,200
ALCOutdoor Experience for Middle School Students$865
ALCMAAP Stars Program$2,067
ALCYour Service Project at Veterans Hospital$500
 Total Spring 2011 Activities Fund$10,007
Fall 2010 Activities Fund – Total: $14,262
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
RooseveltFinancial Assistance for Homeless/Indigent$1,500
LincolnScience Trip and Play at SJU$282
ALCHealth Careers Competition$1,000
ALCArtist In Residence$600
DistrictCollege Bound Field Trips$1,205
TechDrama: Sewing Machine$450
TechSpeech/National Forensics League$2,000
ApolloRobotics Program$2,000
SouthWEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Program$1,500
SouthWild Thinkers Science Club$1,500
SouthMusic Composition Club$1,675
SouthBand Festival$550
 Total Fall 2010 Activities Fund$14,262
Spring 2010 Academic Fund – Total: $12,500
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Oak HillReading Program$500
DiscoveryReading Book Sets$500
Tech/ApolloAP Brain Camp$2,500
ApolloDell Netbook Computers$600
Apollo30 MP3 Players$900
WestwoodP.A.K.R.A.T. Reading Program$1,300
TalahiReading Software$2,000
MadisonTransportation to Orchestra Hall$200
MadisonYouth Frontiers Program$1,000
ALCCloud 9 STEP & Academic$1,000
 Total Spring 2010 Academic Fund$12,500
Spring 2010 Activities Fund – Total: $8,110
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
RooseveltHomeless/Indigent Student participation$500
TechFootball Uniforms$500
TechTrack Timing System$750
ApolloSoccer Program Equipment$750
ApolloGymnastics Floor$500
ApolloRobotics Program$1,500
SouthSJU Arboretum Course, etc.$750
SouthChamber Choir Performance$235
KennedyCreative Movement$375
ClearviewMississippi Strings Camp$1,500
NorthDrop-down Basket$750
 Total Spring 2010 Activities Fund$8,110
Fall 2009 Academic Fund – Total: $12,650
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
RooseveltSupplemental assistance for extracurricular participation for homeless and/or indigent students$2,000
TalahiYoung Author’s, Young Artists Residence$600
ApolloGymnastics Spring floor$500
ALC-WilsonYouth Service Project at VA Hospital$1,200
ALC-WilsonMAAP Stars Conference Attendance$1,000
WestwoodPrairie fire Theater residency$1,200
SouthSupplemental assistance for extracurricular participation for economicallydisadvantaged students$750
TechNew wrestling mat$500
TechSt. Cloud Alpine Skiing supplies$300
SouthWild Thinkers Science Club$750
TechGirl’s Lacrosse supplies$650
TechNordic Ski Team was benches & irons$300
ApolloWrestling mats$500
ApolloConcert Choir$1,000
ApolloSt. Cloud Robotics Team$600
TechWe the People Congressional Debates$500
 Total Fall 2009 Academic Fund$12,650
2008-09 Contingency Grants – Total: $1,750
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ApolloFPS to national tournament$1,000
TechMath student to regional tournament$250
TechNFL to national tournament$500
 Total 2008-09 Contingency Grants$1,750
Spring 2009 – Total: $9,929
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
TechTennis Wind Screens$400
TechWeight Room$1,000
ApolloGymnastics Mats$700
Tech/ApolloGirls’Lacrosse Expenses$500
Tech/ApolloAlpine Skiing Expenses$750
ApolloBoys Soccer Uniforms$929
ApolloSwimming Pace Clocks$750
Tech/SouthAt-Risk Youth Assistance$500
ApolloSoftball Fields$1,000
ApolloGirls’Soccer Uniforms$1,000
DiscoveryKindergarten Field Trip$400
KennedyFootball and other Programs$1,000
ApolloUpgrade Football Fields$1,000
 Total Spring 2009$9,929
Fall 2008 – Total: $15,393
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
MadisonTransportation to Orchestra Hall$400
NorthSign Language Interpreter$400
ApolloSign Language Interpreter$600
TechTrack Stop Watch$400
DiscoveryTennis Nets$400
ALC WilsonReading Program Pairing$1,000
TechChoir Trip Expenses$793
ApolloMasterworks Concert Assistance$700
TechGirls Basketball Jerseys$1,200
ApolloWrestling Mats$3,000
SouthScience Club Supplies$1,200
TechDisadvantaged Students’Funding$2,000
ALC WilsonYouth Service Project$1,000
ALC WilsonMAAP Stars$1,600
 Total Fall 2008$15,393
Spring 2008 – Total: $11,242.00
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
District OfficeReading is Fundamental$3,352.00
TechCross Country Time$400.00
Talahi/Oak Hill/LincolnOrchestra Concert Busing$500.00
TalahiResponsive Classroom Project$240.00
ApolloWellness Center Improvements$2,000.00
ApolloTrack – discus improvements$500.00
District OfficeString Camp$600.00
ClearviewEarly String Start$250.00
District OfficeSummer Soccer for Somali and LaCruz$100.00
TechNordic Ski Supplies$300.00
TechWeight Room Update$2,000.00
 Total Spring 2008$11,242.00
Fall 2007 – Total: $13,991
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
SouthMiddle School Orchestra Festival$265
TechResurfacing of wrestling mat$500
TechExtension of gymnastics vaulting/bar pit$800
TechBoys’basketball warm-ups$140
TechTract/Field warm-ups$480
TechGirls’Lacrosse – jerseys/equipment$206
TechGirls’Hockey – uniforms/equipment$300
TechNordic ski supplies$400
Tech/SouthAssistance for disadvantaged partic. in e.c. activities$1,500
ApolloAssistance for “Cats” production$1,500
Madison5th grades to Mpls/Orch Hall & MIA$500
ALC/WilsonReading mentorship w/Talahi$500
ALC/WilsonMAAP STARS conference participation$600
ALC/WilsonYouth Service Project/VA Hospital$500
DiscoveryVarious Community Partnerships$1,0000
Discovery5th grades to Mpls Orch Hall$500
TalahiVarious Community Partnerships$700
WestwoodPeaceful Playground program$1,000
Lincoln5th grades to Mpls Orch Hall$250
District OfficeDist-wide trans. for Acad Achievement activities$1,200
Oak Hill/Talahi/LincolnOrchestra instrument cases$650
SouthScience Club Supplies (contingency grant)$500
 Total Fall 2007$13,991
Spring 2007 – Total: $6,190
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ApolloSADD Conference attendance$390
ApolloSADD Student Awareness Week$500
ApolloFees/transportation football development activities$500
Roosevelt Early EdReading is Fundamental Program$1,000
TechNordic Ski Team equipment$2,500
ApolloYearbook Staff supplies$800
ApolloLink Crew T-shirts$500
 Total Spring 2007$6,190
Fall 2006 – Total: $9,586.00
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
SouthScience Club projects$500
SouthOrchestra Festival$265
ALC / WilsonMAAP Spring Conference competition$700
ALC / WilsonYouth Services Project supplies$500
Apollo / TechYouth Services$600
ApolloNordic Ski Team travel$400
TechTech Choir Chicago trip$500
DiscoveryElem. Schools’academic achievement travel$1,600
Techpurchase batting cage$400
Tech / Southfacilitate disadvantaged youth e.c. participation$1,421
Apollopurchase sound / light console$200
Apollopurchase dresses for Concert Choir$700
Apolloproduction of Cinco de Mayo celebration$400
Techassist in purchase of new diving board$500
Westwoodvarious Academic Achievement activities$900
 Total Fall 2006$9,586
Spring 2006 – Total: $9,134
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
TechMinnesota Elite Math Team participation$400
ApolloPurchase new pool diving board$1,400
Tech / ApolloChannel 6 video production$1,400
Tech / ApolloGirls’Lacrosse uniforms$1,200
TechAmnesty International activities$200
ApolloSADD Awareness (prom) activities$450
ClearviewSummer Orchestra Camp$500
ApolloPurchase new balance beam / gym$1,400
 2005-06 Contingency Grant 
Oak HillFuture Problem Solving National Tourney travel$500
 Total Spring 2006$9,134
Fall 2005 – Total: $7,025
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
DiscoveryAcademic Achieve, 8 elem schs’Transport.$1,300
ApolloAnti bullying / harassment$500
ISD 742Activities / disadvantaged participation$1,750
TalahiYoung Authors’Conference$520
SouthScience Museum trip$450
SouthScience Club supplies$300
TechOrchestral musicians, choral performance$500
TechJerseys, Girls BB program 
ClearviewOrchestra program restart$255
ApolloCelebration Hispanic Culture$250
LincolnCultural Extravaganza$700
 Total Fall 2005$7,025
Spring 2005 – Total: $5,690
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Techart club field trip$150
Techliterary publ. printing$500
Tech / SouthDisadvantaged e.c. participation$300
Apollogirls’gymnastic equip$1,500
Clearviewframes: student artwork in dist 742$450
ALCfitness room weights$1,690
Techtravel: math league$500
TechDanceline supplies$600
 Total Spring 2005$5,690
Fall 2004 – Total: $5,690
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
DiscoveryKnowl.bowl, acad triathalon, math masters$1,515
Talahitrans SCSO concert and perc. Ensemble$400
Tech/SouthSpring Play$1,125
NorthSpring musical$750
Apolloequip for wellness center$500
Tech / SouthExtra curr. Partic. Disadvantaged$600
TechMarch for unity$300
TechYouth football league$500
 Total Fall 2004$5,690
Spring 2004 – Total: $5,525
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ApolloUpgrade Wellness Center$1,000
ApolloTrack hurdles$730
Apollonew lanes, boys and girls swim teams$820
ApolloDistrict wide youth services / volunt.$945
Northnew fitness center equipment purch.$415
Westwoodexpanded academic achievement prog.$1,100
Discovery / Talahiafter school theater productions$15
 Total Spring 2004$5,525
Fall 2003 – Total: $5,225
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
SouthScience Fair Club$300
DiscoveryCity-wide reorganization of Knowledge Bowl$1,600
Tech/SouthAt-risk student involvement in Activities$1,625
ApolloGirls’gymnastics vault table$800
TalahiLiteracy Tests for accel. reader prog.$500
LincolnCurriculum / trans. MSO program$150
WestwoodCurriculum / trans. MSO program$250
 Total Fall 2003$5,225
Spring 2003 – Total: $2,803
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
DiscoveryMSO curriculum; transportation$300
ApolloHispanic Club/Hispanic Month$500
ApolloTrack team warm ups$1,000
TalahiMSO curriculum; transportation$300
TechVICA activity$703
 Total Spring 2003$2,803
Fall 2002 – Total: $6,464
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
RooseveltArtist in Residence$500
Tech & SouthBatting cage frame$1,350
DiscoveryAcademic Triathlon Program$750
JeffersonMMEA Festival preparation$350
JeffersonMSO Curriculum; transportation$350
ApolloAfrican American Culture Club and Apollo Cultural Awareness$1,300
ApolloMessiah expenses$750
SouthScience Club / Science Fair$350
Oak HillMSO Curriculum; transportation$764
 Total Fall 2002$6,464
Spring 2002 – Total: $4,740
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ApolloPurchase of cameras / photo club$600
SouthGymnastics balance beam$1,250
TechUpgrade weight room$500
JeffersonAirplane building project$580
JeffersonAccelerated reading program$500
DiscoveryState Future Problem Solving$810
ApolloMusical group/diversity event$500
 Total Spring 2002$4,740
Fall 2001 – Total: $6,080
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ClearviewKnowledge Bowl$300
JeffersonCulture Club$500
LincolnCulture Club$230
NorthBatting Cage$1,000
SouthPitching machine$1,000
ApolloJazz Clinician$500
TalahiAcademic Achievement$300
DiscoveryAcademic Achievement$500
ApolloTrack team warm-up$1,000
DiscoveryMN Orch Program$750
 Total Fall 2001$6,080
Spring 2001 – Total: $4,625
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
ApolloPurchase high jump pit cover$495
SouthScience Club / Science Fair$650
JeffersonWork with community artists$800
WestwoodPurchase early emergent reading books$400
ApolloPurchase timer clock for soccer$2,280
 Total Spring 2001$4,625
Fall 2000 – Total: $5,316
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Rooseveltpurchase Orch instruments$400
Oak Hilltransportation: learn & serve prog.$500
Talahi5th grade to Orch. Hall, Mpls$500
ApolloScoreboard for adaptive hockey$600
TalahiAttend Children’s theater$400
ClearviewKnowledge Bowl$200
SouthGymnastics vault$1,266
Oak HillAcademic Achievement prog.$600
TalahiAcademic Achievement prog.$600
TechJazz clinic supplies$250
 Total Fall 2000$5,316
Spring 2000 – Total: $3,785
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo H.S.Purchase Heart Rate Monitors$500
Technical H.S.Track runway improvement/South$400
SouthScience Fair participation / state comp.$500
Oak HillKindergarten/families reading program$885
TalahiBook Buddy mentoring program$1,500
Total Spring 2000$3,785
Fall 1999 – Total: $5,815
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo High SchoolAsst. Knowledge Bowl Coach$450
Apollo High SchoolStudents chemical-free conference$645
NorthGirls’gymnastics landing mat$$500
TechSchool newspaper assistance$500
JeffersonAcademic Achievement Activities$560
SouthNew uneven parallel bars$500
SouthMusic Students to MSO concert$500
RooseveltAfter school book club$400
ClearviewAcademic Achievement Activities$560
MadisonArtist-in residence program$500
MadisonExpanded non-fiction materials$700
 Total Fall 1999$5,815
Spring 1999 – Total: $5,028
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
SouthPurchase new bb backboards$1,338
Technical H.S.Purchase womens’s hockey jerseys$1,250
Technical H.S.Attend VICA Leadership Conference$540
KennedyDistrict-wide MN Orchestra project$700
MadisonDistrict-wide ESL / 4-H collaboration$700
Apollo H.S.Forensic League participation$500
 Total Spring 1999$5,028
Fall 1998 – Total: $5,375
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo High SchoolCreative Arts Magazine$300
Oak Hill Academic Achievement Program$600
ClearviewKnowledge / News Bowl$600
Apollo High School Classical and Skate Skis$600
Apollo High School Forensic League Participation$750
Talahi100 Mile Club$500
NorthComputer Strips / Software$325
TechNordic Racing Skis$600
Tech Jazz Ensemble Methods / Materials$600
TechVICA Club Skill Olympics$500
 Total Fall 1998$5,375
Spring 1998 – Total: $6,315
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Oak Hill Schoolaccelerated reader program$500
Apollo H.S.T-1 calculators$700
Talahi Schoolkindergarten class trip$400
Technical H.S.swim fins$425
Technical H.S.mats for gym$600
Jefferson Elem. SchoolKnowledge Bowl$890
Jefferson Elem. Schoolmusical production$650
District 742 H.S. (both)girls’hockey uniforms$1,200
Apollo H.S.problem solving team to nat’l tourney$950
 Total Spring 1998$6,315
Fall 1997 – Total: $5,750
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Clearviewstudents to Knowledge Bowl$625
TalahiAcademic Achievement$2,000
South Junior HighKnowledge Bowl software$325
South Junior Highstudents to Science Fair$1,150
Apollo High SchoolChoir to Mpls Convention$800
Tech High Schoolaward pending$850
 Total Fall 1997$5,750
Spring 1997 – Total: $4,000
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
North Junior High SchoolSoccer coaches$1,000
North Junior High Schoolgymnastics storage closet$750
South Junior High Schoolgymnastics mats$450
Tech High Schoolmusic software$700
Tech High Schoolstudents to Knowledge Bowl$1,100
 Total Spring 1997$4,000
Fall 1996 – Total: $4,000
SchoolProjectGrant Amount
Apollo High Schoolgymnastics flooring$1,000
South Junior High Schoolmentor program / musical$750
Tech High Schoolweight room flooring$1,000
Tech High Schooldebate students to Harvard$1,000
Tech High Schooljazz listening library$250
 Total Fall 1996$4,000