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Thanks to LEAF for helping homeless students

June 4, 2021

Thank you, Bruce.

Our 2020-2021 School year use of LEAF Homeless Student Services Funds looked something like this:

199 nights of motel stays were provided for 29 children

Homelessness was prevented or resolved for 20 children for $7109.84 to pay back rent or move in costs.

Additionally, 9 Good Samaritan Applications we recompleted to either partner on expenses or provide standalone rental assistance 

Food was provided to 60 children using LEAF funds

Clothing was provided to 93 children using clothing and coat donations and LEAF funds

Fuel cards were provided to 9 families using LEAF funds

Phone bills and/or internet was paid for 10 families using LEAF funds (necessary for job/housing search, school communication and online school)

School supplies were provided to 162 students using a variety of means and donations including LEAF funds.

 In addition, LEAF allowed us to purchase VISA cards for application fees for apartments, UBER cards to get to school, work or medical appointments, car repairs paid by LEAF and our program appealed to Gilleland and Royal Tire who then provided free car repair services on 2 different occasions, toiletries and cleaning supplies were purchased to supplement the donations we have on hand, and a family was given the means to attend their son’s basketball tournament and feed their son between games during the tournament. 

Thank you for all you and LEAF do to help us and our families.

Jen Loch
Transitional Education Services
Services for Homeless Students