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Phil Welter, Friend and Founder

February 9, 2023

Founder of LEAF, Phil Welter

In January of 2022, LEAF lost a great friend and founder, Phil Welter.  Phil was the chair of the St. Cloud School Board in 1993 when coaches came to the board with concerns about cuts to the student activities program.  Phil suggested a committee to study how to support the student activities program.  The result of that study was a recommendation to set up a Foundation (LEAF), which would provide support through grants to the student activities program and would build an endowment to support the activities program.  Phil became the first executive director of LEAF and served in that role until a stroke in 2008 forced his retirement.  The LEAF mission has expanded over the years to include support for all academic, activities, arts and athletic programs.  The endowment has grown to over $2 million, and LEAF has granted nearly $2.7 million in support of educational programming in District 742.  Phil’s life was a life well-lived.  His impact on LEAF cannot be overstated.

The Minnesota Center Chorale is turning 50 and they are celebrating the amazing Phil Welter (who was their founding director as well).  Please visit the Minnesota Center Chorale website using the link below and share any memories you have of Phil.

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