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PAKRAT/PAKCAT Bus is Rolling!

June 16, 2021

PAKRAT bus ready to roll

PAKRAT/PAKCAT Bus Continues to Roll!!

The 2021 PAKRAT/PAKCAT bus schedule begins on June 15th.
CLICK HERE for the complete schedule.

Volunteers, led by grant-coordinator Sara Martini, will be checking out Books and Math Packets to children in preschool through sixth grade on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer.  For schedule and stop locations, please check the District 742 or LEAF webpages. 

LEAF has supported the PAKRAT (Partners And Kids Reading ALot Together) school-year program since 2011 with nearly $200,000 in grants.  Despite the pandemic, this past school year District 742 students passed the 1-Million-books-Read mark since we began the school year program!   In addition, LEAF grant funds helped begin the summertime Read and Roll bus program in 2015.  

Because of the success of the PAKRAT school year and summer program, two years ago, LEAF was approached by Melissa Hanzekp-Brill, a SCSU math professor and asked to support a new math-literacy program for preschool students based on the PAKRAT approach.  This program, called PAKCAT (Partners And Kids Counting ALot Together), introduces preschool students to math concepts in a curriculum that is fun and exciting.

Watch for the Green PAKRAT/PAKCAT Bus in a neighborhood near you throughout the summer!

LEAF thanks the volunteers who make the summertime Read and Roll program possible – and the students and parents who visit the bus for reading and math materials each day!