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LEAF Loses a Great Friend – George Torrey

June 15, 2020

George Torrey, a well-known philanthropist, passed away on June 10 at the age of 87George Torrey, a well-known philanthropist who supported many worthy causes in the St. Cloud area passed away on June 10, 2020 at the age of 87.   George and his wife Shirley were early and very generous supporters of LEAF.  George served on the LEAF board during the 1990’s.  In 2002 the school board cut the middle school activities program and LEAF took on the challenge of fundraising to pay for that program for a year.  After many months of fundraising efforts, LEAF was still well short of our fundraising goal.   George called and asked how much we needed to meet our goal and then wrote out a $65,000 check to allow us to reach the $140,000 campaign goal and save the middle school activities program.   In addition, George and Shirley established a LEAF Legacy Fund that continues to provide over $5,000 annually in support of the student activities program.

George served on and had a positive impact on many nonprofits in the St. Cloud area.  His loss is a great loss to LEAF and the St. Cloud Community.   He will be missed by many.