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August 13, 2017

Official kickoff of the Adopt A Classroom Project

The District 742 Local Education & Activities Foundation announces the official kickoff of the Adopt a Classroom Project  for the fall of 2017.  LEAF’s goal is to connect businesses, individuals and groups to specific classrooms to help provide needed supplies that the District is unable to fund.  Supporters can “adopt” a classroom (Early Education, Elementary, Junior High or Senior High) by making a tax-deductable $250 contribution for the needed classroom supplies.

Currently, teachers often spend hundreds of dollars to provide basic supplies for classroom use.  From basics such as permanent markers, pencils, notebooks and clean clothes for elementary children, to the more specialized items like sheet music, science kits, dry ice and mice for snake food; our teachers spend their own money to help insure a quality educational experience. 

Businesses, individuals, grand-parents or groups can choose to adopt a specific classroom at a specific school, or make a $250 donation to LEAF and allow LEAF to choose a classroom randomly from those classrooms that apply for help.  LEAF will then inform the donor of the classroom they have adopted.  The business or individual donor will receive a Certificate of Adoption that identifies the classroom they have adopted.  100% of all proceeds will go directly to the participating classrooms!  In 2016 the St. Cloud Community adopted 78 classrooms with contributions totally $19,500. 

This is LEAF’s seventh year of the Adopt a Classroom project, which has dispersed $101,500 to 406 classrooms in the previous six years.