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Homeless Student Awareness Month

April 8, 2022

Homework is Hard; Imagine How Hard it is Without a Home.  Help us lessen the negative impact of homelessness in District 742!

April is “Homelessness Student Awareness” month.  Every day, students experiencing homelessness face the daunting task of focusing on a quality education while worrying about he basic needs of reliable food, clothing and shelter.

Since 2015, LEAF has granted over $160,000 in support of district 742 homeless youth and their families for basics such as crisis shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and other basic needs.  Please join our current effort to raise funds to support District 742 youth and their families through difficult times. 

Your gift will not end homelessness, but it will help to lessen the negative impact that homelessness has on the ability of students to succeed in school

Please join our effort to support students facing homelessness by making a donation with PayPal or credit card by clicking the “Donate” button below or by sending your check made out to “LEAF” to:  LEAF, PO Box 1132, St. Cloud, MN.

2022 homeless student fund campaign