LEAF 2018 Spring Grants

The District 742 Local Education & Activities Foundation (LEAF) announced the awarding of $ 44,076 during its spring Academic and Activities Funds granting cycle.

Each year, LEAF awards supplemental funding to academic, activities, arts and athletic programming.  Teachers, coaches and advisers submit grant applications for special projects twice during the academic year.  In addition, LEAF makes ticket sales grants to programs from the Night of the Stars Variety Show each spring (view a complete grant history here). Grants awarded this spring included funds for diverse projects including:


  1. $1,250   LEAF Legacy Fund Grant to South Junior High Activities
  2. $3,518   LEAF Legacy Fund Grant to Tech High School Athletics
  3. $1,818   LEAF Legacy Fund Grant to Tech Football
  4. $1,250   LEAF Legacy Fund Grant to Apollo Activities
  5. $1,000   Tech High School Girls Soccer Uniforms
  6. $800      Apollo High School Girls & Boys Cross Country Uniforms
  7. $250      Apollo High School Rock Climbing Club
  8. $950      Apollo High School Swim & Dive Team Warm Ups
  9. $750      Tech Girls Golf Stand Bags
  10. $750      Tech Boys Golf Stand Bags
  11. $1,000    North Junior High VEX Robotics software & equipment
  12. $1,000   Apollo High School Boys Varsity Soccer equipment
  13. $298      Apollo Baseball Jaeger Bands to promote arm strength
  14. $700      Apollo/Tech/St. John’s Prep FIRST Robotics Program expenses
  15. $1,000   North Junior High School FPS/CmPS Competition expenses


  1. $4,761    LEAF Legacy Fund Grant to Chinese/Spanish Immersion Programs
  2. $5,000    LEAF Legacy Fund Grant to Schmitz Scholarship
  3. $580      South Junior High 7th Grade Science Conservation Kit
  4. $550      Talahi Elementary Kindergarten Artist Residency for one week
  5. $500      Kennedy Elementary Therapy Dog visits
  6. $350      McKinley/ALC Science “hands-on” activity
  7. $1,440   North Junior High Inter-disciplinary Unit on Minnesota (speakers/presenters)
  8. $1,900   North Junior High WEB-Where Everybody Belongs-Boomerang Project
  9. $2,500   North Junior High 6th-Grade Field Trip to Mill City Museum
  10. $1,500   South Junior High Zero-Hour Physical Activity Program
  11. $1,100   McKinley/ALC Youth Service Project at VA
  12. $1,000   MAAP STARS Fall Leadership Conference


  1. $3,410   Tech High School Band and Choir
  2. $2160   Apollo High School Choir
  3. $556     Kennedy Choir
  4. $435     South Junior High School

TOTAL 2017-18 GRANTS AS OF 3-20-2018 - $133,591.34

  • $19,750.00    Adopt a Classroom
  • $10,667.00    Fund-A-Need (Learning Renaissance Event.   Talent Development Program)
  • $21,500.00    Fall Cycle I Activities Grants
  • $16,334.00    Spring Cycle II Activities Grants
  • $21,181.00    Spring Cycle II Academic Grants
  • $1,060.00      Academic Fund Contingency Grants (Fall 2017)
  • $4,684.16      PAKRAT Grants
  • $6,561.00      Night of the Stars voucher sales rebates to District programs
  • $13,616.18    Homeless Student Support Services Fund Grants
  • $4,500.00      Activities Participation Fund
  • $6,706.00      Tech Athletics Golf Tourney Returns to Programs
  • $7,032.00      Apollo Activities Golf Tourney Returns to Programs

New PAKRAT Video

A new PAKRAT video has been produced for our Gannett/USA Today grant application that describes the school year and summer program.


LEAF 2017 Award Winners

LEAF recently recognized and thanked community supporters at the annual LEAF Community Report and Awards Reception at the St. Cloud Country Club on Monday, February 26, 2018. Awards were presented for lifetime service, volunteerism, charitable donations, coaching/directing excellence, and instructional excellence.

The following individuals were recognized:

  • Joanne Dorsher received the LEAF Lifetime Service Award for her many years of service to LEAF, including as the LEAF Board President and other contribution to the growth of the Foundation.
  • Pat Welter received the LEAF Volunteer Service Award for her years of service on various LEAF committees and her leadership with the LEAF Learning Renaissance and LEAF Allocations Committee.
  • The LEAF Charitable Giving Award  (Individuals) was presented to Mark & Ann Thelen and Mike Podawiltz & Diana Murphy-Podawiltz for their $20,000 challenge match for the LEAF 742 Challenge for Children, which raised over $50,000 for homeless youth in District 742 schools. 
  • The LEAF Charitable Giving Award (Corporate), was presented to Liberty Bank, represented by Mark Bragelman, President/CEO and Robin Gohman, Senior VP. Liberty chose LEAF as a Partner for the Annual Liberty Block Party, which led to a major donation, allowing LEAF to begin a new Activities Participation Fund to help disadvantaged students participate in the activities program.
  • Mike Voit, Karlyn Doyle, Wayne Chemlik and Kerry Kopp were each awarded the LEAF Coaching/Advising Excellence Award.  The award is given to coaches/advisors whose demonstrated leadership has been a model for others and a benefit to those student who are fortunate enough to work with them. 
  • Sue Linn-Hasbrouck and the District 742 Language Immersion Program was awarded the LEAF Instructional Excellence Award.  Sue has shown instructional excellence as the leader of the Immersion Program for most of its 10 years.  

LEAF also recognized six board members who are completing their terms on the Board of Directors:   Mike Janey, Mike LaFountaine, Bruce Mohs, Joe Mullen, Patrick Mullen, Janet Reagan, and Gary Strandemo all finished their sixth year on the LEAF board of directors. 

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