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Funding Criteria

Grants: Funding Criteria

Eligible Projects:

LEAF will accept funding applications for student activities which conform to the District definition and philosophy. Funds may be granted to existing or proposed new programs, as well as to help cover singular, unanticipated costs associated with a student activity.

Funding will target a broad range of student activities programs or interests. Consideration will be given to activities which enhance learning, develop personal confidence and leadership skills, and promote cooperation. Programs and activities which are creative and innovative will be viewed favorably, as will those which include parental and/or other adult involvement and which benefit the larger community.


  • LEAF will restrict funding to District 742 students and officially sponsored student activities.
  • LEAF funding is intended to supplement or enhance, not replace other sources of funds.
  • LEAF will not make grants that deal with safety issues as these should be dealt with through District funding.
  • LEAF will not fund requests for facility improvements, although requests for equipment procurements will be considered.
Leaf 742