LEAF Exemption Forms 990

LEAF follows the Minnesota Charities Review Council recommendation to post our annual IRS Form 990 on our web page.  This document shows the financial activities of LEAF during the previous year.  The LEAF Form 990 indicates that LEAF is a healthy and growing Foundation and that Program Funding is our largest expenditure and falls well within the suggested guidelines for a non-profit charitable organization.

In addition to the current IRS Form 990, we have posted a spreadsheet that shows the finanical activities of LEAF from 2008 through the most current fiscal year.  Download financial summary activities for 2008-16 (this is an Excel document)

If you have any questions, please contact Bruce Hentges, our executive director.

Below are the "Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax" 990 Forms filed by LEAF.

2016 LEAF Form 990

2015 LEAF Form 990

2014 LEAF Form 990

2013 LEAF Form 990

2012 LEAF Form 990

2011 LEAF Form 990

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