Report To The Community And Awards Reception

The LEAF Board recognizes that we would be unable to fulfill our Mission of supporting District 742 activities without the contributions of many volunteers as well as generous charitable donations.  In November of 2004, the Annual LEAF Appreciation Reception and Awards Recognition was begun to recognize the people who have made special contributions to LEAF and the District 742 activities program through their tireless service or philanthropic contributions.

The first LEAF Appreciation Reception was held in the home of Steve and Paulette Schwegman.  In 2005 and 2006, the event was moved to the Paramount Theatre and held in conjunction with a scheduled performance at the Theatre.  Invited guest enjoy Hors D'oeuvres and refreshments followed by an awards program.  In the fall of 2008, the venue was changed to Tech or Apollo – whichever school is performing a Fall Musical (they rotate).  Following the recognition, guests are invited to attend the Fall Musical Performance.

With the addition of sponsors in 2006, the appreciation reception also became a fundraiser for the LEAF Endowment.

LEAF Report To The Community And Awards Reception Goals
• Thanks to donors

• Honor volunteers

• Publicity for LEAF within the St. Cloud Community

• Cultivation of Loyalty for the LEAF Mission


2014 Award Recipients

  • Lifetime Service Award
    (Given in recognition of significant and ongoing service to and support of the LEAF Mission)
    Barclay Carriar presented by Chuck Provinzino, LEAF Board Member
  • Phil Welter Award for Volunteer Service
    (Given in recognition of significant and ongoing volunteer involvement in LEAF)
    Jim Pehler presented by Bruce Mohs, LEAF Board Member
  • George and Shirley Torrey Award for Charitable Giving
    (Given in recognition of significant financial or in-kind contributions to LEAF)
    Vickie & Lee Morgan presented by Debbie Erickson, LEAF Board Member
    Wayne & Juli Schluchter presented by Mike LaFountaine, LEAF Board Member
  • Coaching/Directing Excellence Award
    (Given in recognition of demonstrated excellence in helping students excel through activities)
    Steve Taylor, Tech High School Coach,
    presented by Andrea Swanberg, Tech Activities Director and LEAF Board Member
    Justin Skaalerud, Apollo High School Coach,
    presented by Dave Langerud, Apollo Activities Director and LEAF Board Member
  • Instructional Excellence Award
    (Given in recognition of educational excellence in academics and the classroom)
    District 742 Early Childhood Education Program, Alicia Jepsen, Director
    presented by Pat Welter, LEAF Board Member

Previous Award Recipients

Phil Welter Volunteer Service Award
2004 - Ken Kelsey
2005 - John & Kris Scharenbroich
2006 - Jean Sonsteby
2007 - Gary Zwack
2008 - Bob & Sue Hanks
2009 - Dennis Smith
2010 - Robert Feigh
2011 - Patrick Henry
2012 - Wayne Schluchter
2013 - Paul Muller

George & Shirley Torrey Award for Charitable Giving
2004 - Mike Faber and Viking Coca-Cola
2005 - Joanne & Paul Dorsher / St. Cloud Times, Bill Albrecht Publisher
2006 - Don & Jan Watkins / Regent Broadcasting
2007 - Tom & Joyce Schlough / Lamar Outdoor Advertising
2008 - Barclay & Janet Carriar / Don & Diane Farleo
2009 - St. Cloud Lions
2010 - Dick Anderson, Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
2011 - McKay Family Auto,Patty Yarbrough / KDV, Loren Viere
2012 - Mark & Angie Benson / Bernick’s Beverages & Bernick’s Family Foundation
2013 - MARCO, Inc, Jeff Gau, CEO / St. Cloud Morning Optimist Club

Coaching/Advising Excellence Award
2005 - Ron Kaczor / John Lieser
2006 - Deb Bendix / Dave Hoeller
2007 - Mike Bakken / Bruce Woidyla
2008 - Mick Boatz / Sue Williams
2009 - Gregg Martig, Time Bengtson / Thea Stockinger
2010 - Kevin Kiffmeyer / Jason Parker
2011 - Megan Pederson / Paul Bates
2012 - Cynthia Kaercher / Karmin Schraw

Bernie Rolle and Gary Zwack Instructional Excellence Award
2009 - St. Cloud Education Association, presented to President Mary Broderick
2010 - Meredith Boucher and Denis Huebsch
2011 - District 742 Advanced Placement Program and Teachers2012 - Mark Weimer, Jennifer Doom and William Garceau
2013 - Jen Day, WE ACT Program Advisor and Sara Martini, PAKRAT Program Coordinator

LEAF Lifetime Service Award
2009 - Phil Welter
2012 - Don Watkins
2013 - George Torrey

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